I have the expert knowledge and the passion

to bring also your project to maximum success.

I have the expert knowledge and the passion to bring also your project to maximum success.

My name is Johannes Christoph Elze and I've been creating and developing websites and print as well as photography media for small and large companies in government, private and commercial sectors for the last ten years.

My studies of both computer science, design and photography have afforded me the possibility to apply technical and creative knowledge from all of these diverse worlds.

Ergonomics, functionality, usability and individuality are the guiding principles of all my project concepts. I love what I do and create all projects with a passion for perfection. My clients rely on my analysis of intelligent and coordinated implementation of strong design with individual solutions for all web and print media.

I only work together with real professionals to provide complete product and service packages.

Johannes Christoph Elze

Johannes Christoph Elze
Master of Fine Arts | Bachelor of Science


›I have a degree in Computer Science and a Master in Art, Design & Photography. Merging these three diverse worlds has driven me to become a passionate designer of a wide spectrum in web design, print media and photography. Managing and designing the »front end« of this website is just one example of my work.‹

Nina Gerlach

Nina Gerlach
Master of Fine Arts

›I am a media designer and producer. Clients enjoy the way I am able to incorporate loving and thoughtful design in the world of Branding and product advertising. I work with a combination of video, photography and print media, tailoring to clients who need everything from graphic design to corporate videos. Communication though creativity is my passion.‹

Jakob Schröter

Jakob Schröter
Master of Computer Science & Media

›I am an expert in web content management and modern web development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Programming is my obsession and I am fanatical about attention to detail, which is extremely important in the world of programming. I am based in Konstanz.‹

Florian Feigenbutz

Florian Feigenbutz
Master of Computer Science

›I’m a professional software developer with a trained eye for pragmatic solutions catering to a broad range of customer requirements and specifications. I am a specialist in Web applications and Mobile phone apps. I feel ‘right at home’ in the world of digitally connected Media – and love the challenge of finding pragmatic solutions for clients.‹

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